Setting Goals for 2016

Setting Goals for 2016

Making my health a priority again

As I mentioned in my yearly review, I was not able to complete NaNoWriMo this year due to health reasons.  Ten days into November, I went to the doctor because I was losing feeling in my hands.  I would lose circulation causing my hands to become numb and discolored.  I could barely type and would drop things often.  When I was able to get my hands warm again, they would tingle and ache.  I was diagnosed with carpal tunnel syndrome and Raynaud’s. Raynaud’s phenomenon is a circulation disorder where spasms in the blood vessels in your fingers and toes lead to interrupted blood flow to your extremities. Cold temperatures and stress are triggers.

To treat the carpal tunnel, the doctor gave me wrist braces for both hands to sleep in at night.  After one night, my hands started feeling better, but I still have to take it slowly since my standard way of writing (typing like crazy)makes my symptoms worse.

Little is known about the cause of Raynaud’s.  Treatment options are limited.  Right now my focus is taking care to not let my self get too cold.  I have invested in a heating pad for my hands as well as a portable heater.

I’m certainly not going to quit writing.  I am researching dictating software since voice recognition is so improved.  Kevin J. Anderson has a great article on writing while hiking.  Being able to work while going for long walks sounds intriguing.

Being more consistent with my writing and blogging

My second goal is to be more consistent with my writing and blogging.  I plan for 2016 to be an epic year for accomplishing two long term goals.  To achieve these goals, I need to stay focused and work every day on my goals.

I am getting better about setting weekly goals that are relate to my long term goals.  I keep track of my goals in Evernote.  I have daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly journal entries.  Every night I start a journal entry for the following day.  I enter the goals that I hope to accomplish for that day first.  In my weekly journal entry, I review and hold myself accountable for achieving or not achieving those goals.  This year, to improve on this habit, I will schedule time on my calendar to write every day.

As part of my preparation for NaNoWriMo 2015, I developed a personal organization system for my writing projects (discussed briefly here).  My system works for novel writing, but I need to work on an editorial calendar for blogging.  Evernote is great for keeping track of my notes, but it has limitations for project management.

I have been reading Do Better With Asana and decided to start an editorial calendar project to get a feel for the app.  I like that Asana has a built-in calendar and that I can attach files to my projects.  Now that I am using WordPress, I also plan to explore editorial calendar plugins.

Being more consistent with my language studies

My third goal for 2016 is to continue to study German and Japanese.  My Japanese reading skill has improved in the past two years from almost non-existent to being able to read hiragana and katakana.  Also, I finally can recognize and write some kanji.  I’m not sure I can explain the feeling when I realized that I had just read a complete sentence with kanji and understood the meaning.

Part of my success is trying a cool new (for me) app and reviewing Tae Kim’s guide.  However, most of my ability comes from continued exposure to Japanese.

My goal for 2016 is to learn 500 new kanji.  Ideally, I want to learn all 2,136 joyou kanji, but I’m going to be realistic.

I also don’t want to lose some of my German speaking ability since I am focusing so much on Japanese.  I plan to integrate German more into my daily life by watching Tagesschau more often and reading more of my favorite German productivity blog.

What are your goals for 2016?


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